Cynthia Al-Da Benon

HCD Manager /OD Expert, MOVE

Cynthia Benon is the Country Coordinator of the project in Burkina Faso and the Deputy Component Leader of Scaling Human Capacity Development for the Market-Oriented Value Chains for Jobs & Growth in the ECOWAS Region (MOVE). She has been with the initiative since 2013. For four (4) years she has worked in the field of statistics in data collection and analysis.

Cynthia Benon holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication, and Public Relations and a master’s degree in Organization Development. She has a certificate in Project Management and has received a certification of recognition for a service rendered to Montaigne Private School. She is an Organizational Development practitioner. 

She has moderated the 4th Edition of the Expert and Ministerial meetings of the International Consultative Cashew Council (CICC) in Cameroun with participants coming from 11 countries. As well as the Cashew Women meeting during the World Cashew Convention in 2020.

In social life, Cynthia Benon is the President of a Youth Association working in the field of Women’s Empowerment. She is a member of the Toastmaster International Club. She has represented her country in national and international meetings. Cynthia Benon has been awarded with « l’Ordre de Mérite au grade de Chevalier avec Agrafe Jeunesse ». She is bilingual and fluent in French and English. She has contributed to the design and the implementation of the Master Training Programme (MTP) since Edition 2.        

Olivia Ewurabena Bennett

Finance and Administration Manager, GIZ/MOVE

Olivia Ewurabena Bennett is a finance and administration manager with the GIZ/MOVE. With her wealth of knowledge in finance, she handles events, contracting for events, and prepares financial reports and budgets for all events for Ghana and Sierra Leone project offices.

She is also the focal person for waste management, corporate health management, and security of MOVE, Accra.

Before joining the cashew family, she worked with Ghana Commercial Bank and the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Olivia obtained her first degree in Economics and Information Studies from the University of Ghana, Legon. She holds a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Ghana Business School. She has a certificate in Project management from GIMPA, Appreciative Inquiry, Introduction to Organizational Development, and Executive Mastery for OD and Leadership. She has undergone Managerial Coaching and moderated the CasheWomen meeting during ACA Annual Cashew Conference in 2021. She has been a resource person of the Master Training Program since edition 5. Olivia loves swimming, travelling, and adventure.

Nonhouegnon Reine Dehode

Sector Organization Lead/Admin & Finance – African Cashew Alliance (ACA)

She is the Finance and Organisation Development Manager at the African Cashew Alliance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Banking and Finance option from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and an MA in Organization Development (OD) obtained from the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

She has over ten (10) years of experience in policy analysis, Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Administration and finance, and Market Information Systems (MIS) support.  

She has successfully carried out implementation of different projects, and events for the African Cashew Alliance. She is also responsible for the MTP at the African Cashew Alliance.  She is bilingual with fluency in French and English. She also has a strong understanding of the cashew value chain. She has experience working in West and East Africa. She loves running, travelling and hopes to discover the whole of African someday.

Kofi Atta-Agyepong

Lead Consultant

Kofi Atta-Agyepong is an Agricultural Economist, Development Planner, Institutional, Organizational, and Systems Development practitioner, a Gestalt intervener, a life-skills coach, and a Counsellor. He has over 29 years of experience in consultancy with a focus on large systems / total-scale interventions, strategic learning management and transformational designs personal development, behavior management as well as facilitation of complex multi-stakeholder engagement processes.

Atta has profound expertise in:

  • Executive and leadership development.
  • Team learning and partnerships development.
  • Branding and safety
  • Networking and sustainable global business ecosystem development and management.
  • Adult training programme design, facilitation, and teaching.
  • He has co-designed and implemented 14 Master Training Programmes (MTP).

He has passion for Children / Youth Ministry and nature preservation.

Educated in institutions in Ghana, India, UK, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Germany, Atta has on several occasions, held the position of Task Team Leader on national and international consultancy assignments. These include assignments in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire , India, Kenya, Netherlands, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, and Tanzania.


Prof. Dan Inkoom

Professor, Department of Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST) Kumasi, Ghana and Visiting Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dan has over 25 years’ experience as University Lecturer and consultant in Development Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training Needs, and Institutional Assessment. He also has technical expertise in Organisation and Systems Development using the Gestalt Approach and Process Facilitation, with consulting experience in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and North America.

He is a Fellow of the Ghana Institute of Planners (FGIP) and Chair of the Steering Committee of the 55-Member Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS), based at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Dan is an external examiner to Universities in Ghana, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe and a reviewer for several international journals including Urban Studies, Planning Theory, and Land Use Policy. In addition to being a business mentor, he sits on the Boards of an Investment Company and an Energy and Technology Firm where he offers professional advice on business development. Dan was educated in institutions in Ghana, Germany, Finland, Norway, and the United States of America.

Julius Yeboah

Senior Research Scientist (CRIG)

Julius Yeboah is a staff of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana and holder of a Master of Philosophy in Horticulture from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. He has completed his Doctoral degree in Fruit Crop Development (Fruit Science) at the same university with special reference to the shea nut tree.
He has acquired a lot of experience in cashew and shea propagation and has trained Agricultural Technicians, farmers, and scientists in cashew propagation. The areas under vegetative propagation are Cuttings, Grafting, Seedling development, and Field establishment. He has published twelve scientific papers and co-authored five on cashew and shea development.

He has been a trainer in the propagation of cashew and shea both locally and internationally. In 2016, he trained five (5) scientists from West and Central Africa on how to root shea cuttings. He has been Resource Person since the inception of the Master Training Programme in 2013 in Softwood Grafting and Nursery Management.

Being an expert in vegetative propagation, he is presently assisting the Plant Genetic Resource Research Institute to identify a suitable vegetative approach to root the nutmeg cuttings which are difficult to root.
He has participated in a training programme on Cashew Development, thus Agronomy (specifically grafting), Pathology, Entomology, Breeding, and Processing in Mtwara and Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania.

Dr. Yeboah was a resource person on Vegetative Propagation (grafting and top working) for the Cashew Development Project over a 7-year period (from 2003 to 2010).
From 2004 – 2010, he has involved a yearly training on cashew production, grafting, and top-working and identification of scions in ten Cashew Development Project district: Bole, Jirapa, Nadowli, Damongo, Yendi, Wenchi, Sampa, Kintampo, Dobro, Pokuase, and Nkwanta. Apart from these, Dr. Yeboah has trained nursery operators, grafters, Farmer-Based Organizations, and Agricultural Extension Agents (AEA) in nursery management and grafting in the Northern, Upper West, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, and Volta regions of Ghana.
He has also trained people (90% of whom are ladies) on grafting skills in the Bole District who are being used extensively as Resource Persons by MoFA to help Farmers and Nursery Operators.

Dr. Yeboah has jointly worked with other researchers and scientists to prepare manuals on Top working for Cashew Farmers, Nursery Management, and grafting for Agricultural Extension Agents and cashew farmers. He has also developed five manuals for shea development i.e., Parkland Development, Rooting of stem cuttings, Top Working, Nursery Management, and Softwood Grafting.
He has jointly worked with some NGOs in cashew and shea development on training in vegetative propagation and nursery management. Notable amongst them are Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (Ag NRM), Form Ghana / International (FI), and Agricultural Development Co-operation (AgDevCo). Through vegetative propagation, he was able to reduce the gestation period of the shea tree which was a challenge in the shea industry.

He has attended a lot of workshops on shea development organized by the Forestry Commission, Tree Crop Development Authority, and Ghana Standard Authority.
He is an expert in shea Parkland Development and had assisted many communities in the planting of shea with the assistance of The Food and Agricultural Organization, the Global Shea Alliance, and other Non – Governmental Organizations. He has been a substantive Head of the CRIG substation for the past 24 years.

Dr. Bukari Yahaya

Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Yahaya is a research scientist at the Plant Pathology Division of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG). He holds a BSc. degree in Botany/Biochemistry, an MPhil, and a Ph.D. in Botany (Mycology) from the University of Ghana, Legon.
He lectured at the Accra Technical University, where he taught Microbiology in the Science Laboratory Department.
Yahaya has interests in research in plant disease epidemiology and control, the use of plant products as bio-fungicides, fungal spoilage of food crops, and effects of chemical fungicides on the environment.

Dr. Silas Avicor

Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Silas is a Research Scientist (Entomology Division) at Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG). He has a PhD in Molecular Biology/Entomology from Universiti Sains Malaysia and an MPhil in Entomology (Agricultural and Medical) from the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS), University of Ghana. Prior to working at CRIG, he has worked in various capacities in different institutions including as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Officer at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Consultant Entomologist to Mentor Initiative, United Kingdom and Teaching/Research Assistant at ARPPIS, University of Ghana.

He is an adjunct lecturer and supervises postgraduate research in universities in Malaysia and Ghana. He is an external examiner of postgraduate theses in Entomology, Parasitology, Microbiology and Environmental Science in the University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is a recipient of fellowships and grants from several institutions including The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Universiti Sains Malaysia, University of Ghana and Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom. He has over 20 journal articles in reputable international journals and is a recipient of the award for excellent achievement in the category of journal publication for the year 2018 from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

His research activities center on two of his specialties; Molecular Biology and Entomology and their application in Insect Pest and Vector Management, Pesticide Science and Toxicology in agriculture and health. His current research at CRIG involves bioactivity of botanicals and conventional pesticides, resistance detection, mechanism and management in insect pests of CRIG’s mandate crops (cocoa, coffee, kola, cashew and shea).

Anim Jerry Jacob

Schedule Officer for Cashew and Miracle Berry, Directorate of Crop Services, Ministry of Food & Agriculture in Ghana.

Anim Jerry Jacob is currently the schedule officer for cashew and miracle berry at the Directorate of Crop Services of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. He is a Crops production expert, an adult extension trainer. He holds BSc. and MPhil. in Agricultural Science from the University of Ghana. has worked as a trainer, key player in research activities. He is an experienced Agronomist working in the Crops SUB-Sector for the past 11 years. He has progressed from Assistant Agricultural Officer to the position of Assistant Director in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Ghana. Since 2016 to date, he has been coordinating all cashew programes in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Jerry has two publications;

  • Ofori Joseph, Anning Dominic Kwadwo, Anim Jerry Jacob and Wristberg Joseph Nii Kotey, 2017. Evaluating Multi-split Topdressing as an Option for Improving Nitrogen Management in Lowland Rice. J. Agron. 16:168-173
  • Ofori Joseph, Anning Dominic Kwadwo, and Anim Jerry Jacob, 2017. Use of Chlorophyll Meter (SPAD) as Nutrient based Nitrogen Management in Lowland Rice production. J. Agron. 16:175-198

Nunana Addo

Policy Advisor, GIZ/ MOVE

Nunana is a Policy Advisor for the GIZ/MOVE project. Previously the Country Coordinator of the GIZ ComCashew project in Ghana, she had oversight responsibility for the project’s interventions and activities in Ghana. Her experience in the cashew spans development communication, sector organization, policy development processes, Human Capacity Development, and ATVET curricula development, among others. She has over five years’ experience working in the cashew sector.

Nunana has an educational background in Communications and Organization Development.

She has organized and facilitated several stakeholder engagements and capacity development programs while serving as a resource person on cashew at different levels internationally.

Douglas Alekiba

Mr. Douglas Ayirebide Alekiba is a procurement and warehouse officer for Fludor Ghana Limited, Kumasi, Ghana. He has over 10 years’ experience in  the cashew value chain as a survey assistant, Quality Technician, survey facilitator, a warehouse and production supervisor, amongst other positions on the value chain.  Before joining Fludor Ghana Limited, he was working as a warehouse and Production Supervisor for Mim Cashew and Agricultural Products Limited.

He had his first degree in Higher National Diploma (HND) in General Agriculture from Sunyani Polytechnic, Ghana. He also has other degrees in Bachelor of Technology in Agriculture Engineering from HO polytechnic and a an MSC degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2013 and 2018 respectively. 

He is also a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK.  He has skills in organic food processing and first aid management.

Nana Yaa Konadu Agyepong

Communications Officer& Gender Focal Point, GIZ/MOVE

Nana Yaa is a Communications Officer with the MOVE (GIZ/MOVE), where she co-coordinates the communication unit and doubles as Gender Focal Person. She is also responsible for Monitoring & Evaluation and Communication linkages.
Nana Yaa has certification in Gender Mainstreaming in Development Programmes from MDF Training & Consultancy – Netherlands, and she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Ghana, Legon. She also holds a certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from the University of Professional Studies, Accra. She is passionate about building an equal and just world.
Before joining ComCashew, Nana Yaa worked in impact investments, where she managed communications and worked to facilitate investments into agribusiness, technology, women-focused banking, and energy. She has worked with the Girls’ Education Initiative of Ghana (GEIG) and is a member of the Young Feminist Collective in Accra, Ghana.
Nana Yaa has been a resource person for the MTP since 2019.

Abigail Asante

Assistant Agricultural Officer

Abigail works with the Directorate of crops services under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
She has a bachelor’s degree in post-harvest technology, as well as a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management.
She worked as a warehouse and supply chain manager for Cargill Kokoo Sourcing Ltd- Sefwi, as well as a manager for the original Asaase Aban Complex Limited and as an administrative assistant for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).
She is an MTP edition 10 alumina. She loves to train farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and, most importantly, food safety. She dislikes when food is wasted.

Jayram Hosanee MSc, CGA, CIA, CFE FCCA

Chief Finance Officer, Ivoirienne Noix de Cajou, Côte d’Ivoire

He holds a Master of Science degree from the University College of London and is a Chartered Professional Accountant, a fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants, Certified Internal Auditor, and a Certified Fraud examiner. Jayram Hosanee is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) with the Ivoirienne Noix de Cajou in Côte d’Ivoire. He has also worked with the Junior Mining Company (Phosphate and gold) whose flagship project is in Mali, West Africa over the past 7 years.  In this position, he oversaw regulatory compliance among other things.

He has skills in Financial Reporting, multi-currency Group Consolidation, and supervision of accounting teams.

He also has extensive knowledge and experience with Working Capital management which includes cash flow management, complex inventory costing, and cost drivers, including negotiation with banks for lines of credit.

ALASSAN Kpèziwézou

Doctorant Sociologue, Monsieur ALASSAN Kpèziwézou est maitre formateur depuis la deuxième édition des masters trainers de 2015.
Comme activités professionnelles, il a travaillé pendant une vingtaine d’années dans les organisations internationales avant de créer en 2012, un Centre de Formation Agricole et Rural (CFAR) qu’il dirige depuis 2015.
En 2014, il fut identifié par la GIZ au Togo pour ses actions dans le domaine de la productivité de l’anacarde en vue d’une formation des Maitres Formateurs.
Cette formation déclenche en lui un véritable déclic qui fait de lui, à ce jour, une personne de référence dans la chaine de valeur de la filière anacarde au Togo. Il gère l’un des deux pars à bois du Togo, assure des missions nationales et internationales et travaille en étroite collaboration avec le Ministère de l’Agriculture et la GIZ pour une meilleure productivité de l’anacarde dans son pays.

En 2021, du fait de la maladie du COVID 19, GIZ MOVE décide d’organiser les deuxième et troisième sessions dans plusieurs pays. C’est ainsi qu’il fut identifié à cet effet et a assuré cette mission avec succès pour le compte de son pays.
La fin du projet de la GIZ/ProCIV étant prévue pour mars 2023, son Centre a été identifié dès avril 2022 pour assuré la continuité des activités sur la base de la rigueur et l’assiduité ayant prévalu dans le partenariat sur la promotion de l’anacarde au Togo.

Seth Osei-Akoto

Director of Crop Services, Directorate of Crop Services, Ministry of Food & Agriculture in Ghana

Osei-Akoto is a Crops production expert, farming system expert, adult extension trainer, and facilitator of community development programs and agricultural projects. He has worked as a trainer, key player in research-extension activities, and a facilitator of agricultural programs/projects at community, district, regional and national levels in Ghana since 1988. An experienced, matured Agronomist/Consultant in the Crops Sector who has worked on cashew for 28 years and other crop farming systems.
He has participated in over 22 workshops and conferences on cashew value chains in Africa and other cashew-producing countries.

He is a co-author of two (2) cashew reports: a) A Value Chain Analysis of the Cashew Sub-Sector in Ghana (2010); b) Poverty Impact Assessment- PIA Case study in Ghana (2010). In 2018, he has also co-author two technical manuals on the Topworking techniques on Cashew and Nursery Management.

Progressive responsibility has been held from the position of Assistant Agricultural Officer to the position of Director of Crop Services in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Ghana for the last 6 years to date. Since 2017 to date, he is the lead Director in the implementation of the “Planting for Food and Jobs “(Food crops Module), which has brought positive changes to the Food Security needs of Ghana.
Key qualifications include Community-Based rural development, Food Security, Crops Value Chain Analysis, Mobilization of Communities for development programs, Managerial Economic Analysis, and Budgeting.
Has exposure to administrative and operational procedures of some donor organizations including FAO/UNDP, IFAD, DFID, World Bank, and African Development Bank. He used to be a part-time lecturer on Soil Productivity and Management Practices at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, from 1995 to 2002. Holds a Master of Science Degree in Forest Science (Agroforestry) from University of Melbourne, Australia. He has currently been appointed by the President of the Republic of Ghana to serve on five (5) Statutory Governing Boards of the Government of Ghana.

Paul Adu-Gyamfi

Cashew Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Paul is currently a research scientist researching cashew breeding at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG). He holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia. He is also a product of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) where he pursued BSc. Agriculture Science. Paul has the passion of developing superior cashew varieties with good nut quality, appreciable tree size and with better adaptation to the increasingly sub-optimal production environment. Genetic variation for adaptation to different ecologies can be introduced from the germplasm assembled so far in Ghana from different parts of the world. This work benefits the cashew industry in many ways: it increases productivity, raises income, and improves the sustainability of farming systems.
Paul supervises BSc. students studying cashew breeding issues including adaptation to marginal environments, higher yield potential. He also teaches technicians on a range of cashew breeding techniques as well as farmers, on good agricultural practices for higher cashew production.
Paul is currently managing the following cashew projects in Ghana; (a) “Promoting innovations that mitigate climate change effects on cashew productivity (2018 -2020), Funding: The German Government – (GIZ) GmbH – ComCashew, (b) Evolving a participatory approach to cashew planting material delivery and increased productivity (2017- Date), Funding: The German Government – (GIZ) GmbH – ComCashew.
Some of his recent publications include:
Paul K. K. Adu-Gyamfi, Mustapha Abu Dadzie, Michael Barnor, Abraham Akpertey, Alfred Arthur, Seth Osei-Akoto, Atta Ofori, Francis Padi (2019). Genetic variability and trait association studies in cashew Anacardium occidentale l.) Scientia Horticulturae 255 (2019): 108-114.
Akpertey, A., Anim-Kwapong, E., Adu-Gyamfi, P., & Ofori, A. (2019). Genetic variation among biparental Robusta coffee families and implications for variety development. Experimental Agriculture, 1-12. doi:10.1017/S0014479719000255.

Dr. Ishmael Amoako-Atta

Senior Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Ishmael is currently a senior research scientist at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, plant pathology Division.
He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, Ghana. He is also a product of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he his bachelors and Masters Degrees
He is a Borlaug fellow and research fellow at the United States department of Agriculture (USDA) and Agricultural Research station for sustainable perennial crops respectively.
He has over 6 years of profound experience in the cashew sector and has developed 3 technical manuals including one on cashew pest and diseases identification and management. Ismael is currently researching into 2 new cashew wilt diseases.
He has over 20 journal papers and a book chapter in cocoa diseases: a history of old enemies and new encounters.
He is married to a beautiful wife with 4 kids

Dr. Godfred Kweku Awudzi

Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)

Godfred is currently a research scientist at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana.
He holds a Ph.D. from the School of Agriculture, Policy and Developments University of Reading, UK. He is also a product of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he graduated with a BSc. Agriculture. Godfred has interests in investigations into the use of myco-insecticides for the control and management of cashew, cocoa and coffee pests, the use of plant extracts for the control and management of cocoa and coffee pests, development of monitoring and forecasting methods to inform pest management strategies and improving insecticide application techniques.
He also trains institutions in the agricultural sector on Principles of Integrated Pest Management, Pesticide residue on human health and food safety, and Pest management amongst others.

Barnor Teye Michael

Breeder on shea and cashew nut (Bole station/CRIG)

Barnor has a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (Crop Science) from the University of Ghana, Legon Accra, a PH.D. in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Ghana, Legon Accra, with a specialization in cashew and shea nuts breeding, and an M.Phil. in Crop Science from Kochi University in Kochi, Japan.

He has been honored with the African Plant Breeding Academy CLASSI Nairobi, in Kenya, MASHAV’s international award ” Meeting agricultural challenges in a changing world, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics, JICA scholarship, Master of Science in Agriculture and Doctoral Scholarship Awarded by USAID/Feed the Future program.
He is a member of the African Plant Breeders Association and works at Cocoa Research Institute in Ghana (CRIG). As a member of CRIG’s shea and cashew research teams, developing technologies for agriculture extension agents and farmers form a key component of his day-to-day activities. 

Sylvester de Clercq Mensah

Regional Agricultural Extension officer with the Regional Agricultural Department, Tamale – Northern Region

Sylvester de Clercq Mensah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Extension and Economics from the University of Cape Coast. He is currently pursuing MPhil in Innovative Communication at University for Development Studies, Tamale. He has a beautiful wife and two boys.
De Clercq worked as the Schedule Officer for Cashew Development Project (CDP) and doubled as Management Information System (MIS) officer, Bole District. In 2004, he received an award as the Best Agric Extension Officer for the Northern region during the National Farmers’ Day celebration.
He participated in the very first edition of MTP and has since then occupied the position of Cashew Regional Coordinator for the 3 Northern regions.
Sylvester de Clercq Mensah is an outstanding trainer and facilitator who trains industry players in Ghana and within the sub-region on topics such as softwood grafting techniques GAPs in cashew production.
As a beekeeper, he has introduced lots of farmers to apiculture and has facilitated the establishment of several apiaries.
De Clerq plays a leading role in the establishment of scion banks, nurseries and facilitates the production of improved cashew planting materials for farmers. De Clercq has assisted with the facilitation of MTP for the past four (4) years.

Mary Adzanyo

Component head of Private Sector Development, and a Deputy team leader for GIZ/MOVE

Mary Adzanyo is the component head of private sector development with the GIZ/MOVE, where she leads the project’s objective of increasing the competitiveness of cashew processing and private sector development. She is a private sector expert with over 23 years of professional experience with several value chains, notably fruits, vegetables, fish, shea, and cashew. Mary has worked and traveled in over 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the USA. Her key competencies include private sector development, sustainable supply chain linkage, private-public partnership development, coaching, technical assistance, food safety, certification, and sustainability. Mary is a resource person, a facilitator, and a presenter in several international conferences and workshops, with the goal of capacity development, creation of sustainable businesses, and knowledge management. She holds an M.Phil in Food Science from the University of Ghana and certificates in (1). International Food Laws and Regulations from the Michigan States University; (2). Export Diversification (3). Stakeholder Dialogues
Before joining ComCashew, Mary was the Trade Development Manager of the multinational retailer Royal Ahold in West Africa and the Program Officer at the United States Agency for International (USAID) in Ghana.
She has been a Gestalt practitioner in organizational and institutional development since 2013, graduating from the OSD-Center of Ghana in collaboration with Gestalt Organization & Systems Development Integrative Study Centre – Ohio, USA, and the International Organization & Systems Development Program, Ohio, USA. She speaks English and French.

Ernestina Amponsah

Regional Technical Advisor, GIZ/MOVE

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Technology from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Ghana, Accra.; and a Project Management Professional certificate (PMP).

Ernestina has 10 years of working experience having expertise in Quality management, Food safety management, FSSC 22000 Standard implementation, Tomato pastes and Tomato mix processing, Fruit juice processing, and cashew processing.

She has worked with GB Foods, a tomato paste producing company, as a Food safety team leader, General safety, and Environment officer. During this period, she led the food safety team for ISO 22000:2005 Certification.

She has also participated in training and workshops on Good Manufacturing Practices in cashew processing, Quality management, Access to finance, an Executive course on nuts and dried fruits, and Executive Mastery in Organizational Development and Appreciative Leadership.

She was part of the team that successfully carried out the SECO Cashew project with a focus on Cashew processing activities in Ghana under the erstwhile GIZ/ComCashew project.

Ernestina currently works as a Technical Advisor on the Private Sector Development Component of the GIZ/ MOVE project and is responsible for the implementation of consumption activities.

She loves the art of millinery, singing, and fashion designing which she is yet to master.

Pauline Zei

Director, Inades Formation Côte d’Ivoire

She is an agricultural engineer, with specialisation in Crop Protection. After working with the Ministry of Agriculture as a Training Officer, she became programme manager at Inades Formation Côte d’Ivoire from 2008 to 2017. Now, she is responsible for the coordination of the organization’s activities in Côte d’Ivoire and represents Inades Formation Côte d’Ivoire externally.

She has, through continuous learning, implemented a number of capacity building projects for actors in the cashew, cocoa, cotton, maize, rice, yellow yam, and vegetable value chains. These interventions were aimed at enhancing professionalism among actors, through offering of support on the use of technical tools, support to product value addition initiatives, improving farmers’ access to markets and funding, and advocacy for the protection of farmers’ existing resources.

She is a key person in the development of various educational tools for the cashew and maize sector and has been involved in the production and distribution of training materials in basic French. She is also an active supporter of the self-promotion of the most vulnerable in society, particularly actors in the rural areas.

John Osei Gyimah

Municipal Development Officer, Department of Agriculture

Mr. Gyimah is a Municipal Agricultural Development officer and cashew desk officer at the department of agriculture. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture, a Diploma in Agricultural Extension & Economics University of Cape Coast, and an Agribusiness Management Certificate GIMPA.

He has over 15 years of experience in cashew agronomy. He oversees crop production and doubles as Cashew Desk officer for the Department of Agriculture Wenchi.

In 2007, he received an award as the Best Agric Extension Officer for the Municipal during the National Farmers’ Day celebration.  Mr. Gyimah is an outstanding trainer and facilitator who train farmers in various crop productions. As a beekeeper, he has introduced lots of farmers to apiculture and has facilitated the establishment of several apiaries.

He has assisted with the facilitation of the Cashew Master Training Programme Organised by GIZ/COMCASHEW for the past six (6) years and is a graduate of the second edition of the Master Training Programme.

Mr. Gyimah has profound expertise in:

  • General Crop production; (Vegetables, Legumes, and Cereals such as maize, rice, etc.)
  • New Cashew Farm Establishment and Maintenance.
  • Mango agronomy


Elvaria Asamoah

Junior Advisor GIZ/MOVE

​She is a Junior Advisor with the Private Sector Development GIZ/Market Oriented Value Chains for Jobs and Growth in the ECOWAS Region (MOVE).

She completed KNUST with BA in Industrial Arts with a focus on Ceramics 2015.

She has also had short training in Value Chains and is a graduate of the Master Training Program. She loves traveling.

Andre Tona

IT & Business Solutions Administrator, African Cashew Alliance (ACA)

Andre Tona is a young technology enthusiast with a vast knowledge in system engineering, database engineering, web and graphic design, information systems, and office solution development.
He has training in Business Information Technology which enables him to have a deep understanding of business needs and how technology can make a difference in a company while preserving human values.
Andre is currently an IT & Business Solutions Administrator at the African Cashew Alliance (ACA).


IT Support Technician, GIZ – MOVE

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Communications Technology from the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, and an Advanced Diploma in System Engineering from IPMC College of Technology. Richard is a Network Administrator and an IT support with a strong technical background in IT. Having exposure to a wide range of technologies, he plays a key role in the diagnosing of software and hardware problems. He had training with SOPHOS which is an IT Security Company where he acquired the knowledge in the setting up and the configuring of SOPHOS Firewalls to suit the user or company needs. He has worked as an IT support for the National Lottery Authority and Docutech Ghana Limited where he was stationed at Standard Charted Bank Head Office in Accra. He has a certificate in Microsoft 365 as a Modern Desktop Administration Associate. He later joined Multithread ICT Solutions, where he is stationed at GIZ MOVE as an IT Support technician. He likes to play and watch football when in his leisure time.

Jason Awuley Lartey

Junior Finance Officer, GIZ – MOVE

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ghana (Legon).

He has a certificate of course completion in a Certified Network Security specialist from the International Cyber Security Institute in the UK. He also has a Cyber@ANZ certificate in digital investigation and social engineering.

He has had training in software development from the Pre MEST-Africa training program, which was sponsored by the Master Card Foundation. He is a graduate of MTP edition 11 and has been a resource person, that is an IT technician since MTP edition 10.

He enjoys singing and listening to music. He also believes that excellence is the result of habitual integrity.

Kwaku Addo Ofori

IT Consultant, Master Training Programme 13

Kwaku is a Software and Operations Executive with over 13 years of experience in managing huge software projects spanning multiple countries.
He is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Elyon IT Consult, a start-up consultancy focused on helping organizations adapt their operations for an increasingly online world and mitigate the risks associated with offline-only operations.

Before focusing full-time on Elyon IT Consult, Kwaku was the Vice President of Business Operations at the Rancard Group, a software technology firm with operations in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and the USA. At Rancard, he led the Sales, Platform Engineering, and Operations functions, and ensured the achievement of corporate goals. His clients included all mobile network providers in Ghana and Nigeria (MTN, Glo, Vodafone, Airtel Tigo, 9Mobile, Airtel Nigeria), as well as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, AB InBev, and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies (FMCGs).

Kwaku has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has attended several training programs including the Usenix Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conference and Training Program, the Percona Intensive MySQL Training Program, the Intel Capital Global Summit, and several editions of the Facebook F8 Developer Conference and Training all in the USA along with other training programs here in Ghana. Kwaku’s interests are in Youth Leadership Skills Development.